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Inspired by natural forces and named after the Greek god of the west wind, the Zephyr tower is organized on 23 total stories and includes a retail component at street level....

The 72 units are distributed between two buildings that are 5 story tall. The unit distribution includes single. double and triple story apartments, some of which are also equipped with roof terraces and double height ceilings.

The Ballet Towers were named after dancing movements which impliy a continuous change in proximity between different parts of the body.

Hunter’s Ridge is a 5,000+ acre mixed use planned community located in Ormond Beach, Florida. It is an approved Development of Regional Impact with an authorized state and local entitlement of over 4,000 homes, 600,000 square feet of com­mercial/office/industrial space, and 2,300 acres of pristine preservation land.

Located in the heart of Korea Town-Los Angeles, this mixed use building contains 86,000 s.f. of retail and 118,000 s.f. of living spaces. The three accessible sides of the building are located on Western Avenue, First Street and Oxford Avenue.

A space to promote creativity, open mindedness, research, out of the box thinking, and imagination that can touch the sky; the new north library embodies the emotionality of this vision through a design that leaves no space for conventional thinking.

Sustainability, durability, fire resistance, structural performance and time-effectiveness are some of the most compelling reasons for using light gauge steel in your building project.

Understand the importance of a wall section assembly configuration and how it relates to forces of nature. How to mitigate thermal bridgng with use of insulated metal panels and rain screens.

Architectural and urban design solutions related to the proposal of Trieste-Italy old port known as "Porto Vecchio".

The contribution of Architecture is essential: the design of new shapes customized to the needs of a great international fair is an important factor for the upgrading of a very central area that has great historical, morphological and environmental importance.

Design concept and site conditions meet practicality and creative use of technology. Light gauge steel construction with custom painted insuated metal panels deliver a building that marries with surroundings and nature.

Nature, landscaped areas, trees, green walls, natural ventilation, and natural lighting are the main design key elements, interlaced with economy of scale, simple construction systems, and sustainable principles to create a structure breathing honesty in style and timeless aesthetics.

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