Zephyr Tower

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Zephyr Tower

Inspired by natural forces and named after the Greek god of the west wind, the Zephyr tower is organized on 23 total stories and includes a retail component at street level ,180 residential units, and two separate parking areas; one of which is 5 stories above ground for the residents, and the second one of two levels underground for the retail customers. The building has a rectangular footprint for its bottom portion where the retail and parking are located, to then change to an elliptical footprint for the residential units above. The space subtracted at this transition is utilized for outdoor areas which are connected to the main reception area, to the gym, and the community/entertainment room.

The unit distribution includes studios laid planned on one level, and one bed, two bed, and three bed units planned on two levels with double high ceiling in the living area.

Finally the rooftop includes a pool, a clubhouse and landscaped areas. The  skin of the building unwraps to extend beyond the height of the roof deck to create a screen that would protect from the cooler winter winds coming from west, while trapping and deflecting the warmer and slower summer breeze.

This feature would also create an iconic stance to the building and a glamorous presence on the Los Angeles skyline.