Encore Park Amphitheatre, GEORGIA

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ASO/Encore Amphitheatre

Project Program Executive Summary


AUTO PARKING:                                                           Mixture of paved and landscaped

Amphitheater parking stalls:                             1,900 cars

Performing Arts Center parking stalls:                600 cars

Chamber of Commerce parking stalls:                200 cars (estimated)

TOTAL AUTO PARKING:                                      2,700 cars

OTHER SITE PARKING:                                                

Number of Tour Buses:                                      8

Number of Loading Area Truck Bays:              6 – 8 (minimum)

VIP parking stalls:                                                 350 cars

Orchestra dedicated parking stalls:                  80 (in addition to 2,700 listed above)

Entrance Plazas


West Entry Plaza – Low elevation

East Entry Plaza – High elevation

AREA OF PLAZA:                                                          26,000 – 30,000 square feet per each plaza

TICKET GATES:                                                              6 each plaza

TICKET WINDOWS/WILL CALL:                                 6 total

CONCESSION WINDOWS:                                           94 total within 6 permanent buildings (both plazas)

                                                                                        60 additional at kiosks and portable concessions

TOILET FIXTURES:                                                         100 women, 76 men

                                                                                        Equal division between plazas


RAKE: 1:5 (to be reviewed during design based on specific site line studies)


VIP Seating:                                                           Golden circle or orchestra level location

Seating type:                                                198 chairs with tables or 360 portable chairs in pit area

Box Seating:                                                          50 4-seat boxes (expandable to 8 seats)

General Seating – Table and Orchestra:         4,200 Seats

General Seating – Stadium Chairs:                   2,500 Seats

TOTAL COVERED SEATING:                                 7,000 Seats


Total seating based on 12 SF/person:             5,000 Seats (Approximate)