Strandhouse Restaurant and Bar - Manhattan Beach, California

The Strandhouse and Strandbar in Manhattan Beach-CA, is a remodel of the previous restaurant Beaches.


The client is the Zislis Group who also owns the Shade Hotel in both Manhattan and Redondo Beach, Rock & Fish in Manhattan Beach, Nokia Center and Laguna Beach, and numerous other restaurants in the Beach Cities.


Paolo Volpis Design Studio started working on the design of this new restaurant in October 2010 while the grand opening was on August 13 2011. The prime ocean front location, right in front of the Manhattan Beach Pier, required an extensive intervention on the existing building in order to maximize the ocean view from all the seating areas.


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The remodel included a complete new planning of the building with a new interior layout, a new vertical circulation, an underground excavation for a wine cellar, two balconies, new larger elevator reaching the underground cellar from the kitchen, and a completely new structural system to accommodate the large amount of glazed surfaces.


The design process included few design variations: from a version with a nightclub on the ground floor and sustainable facade design, to a version with an open lounge at ground floor and completely glazed facade without shading devices, initially placed to minimize sun exposure and heat gain, without compromising the access of the fantastic views.


The design of the new glazed staircase, now placed strategically at the center of the building allows the ocean view also from the back portion of the building while the glazed walls  placed at the top balcony on Manhattan Beach Blvd. allow sunset views through the main restaurant floor (placed four feet below) even if the customers are enjoying the open air, sunny southern exposure.


The underground wine cellar is another dramatic feature of the Strandhouse.

When entering the restaurant , the floor has some glazed openings which allow to see the large wine cellar which is also an  exclusive private dining room seating ten. When using private dining room, which is served directly by the elevator connected to the fourth floor where a brand new, state of the art stainless steel kitchen is located, the guest have views of the Strandbar Lounge through the illuminated glazed staircase which allows a visual connection to all the happenings from a very exclusive niche.


The facade of the building facing the Pacific Ocean is very minimal and not invasive when observed from the beach.

The lower portion was treated with an ondulated random pattern of the windows bottom mullions to emulate the form of the ocean waves and sand.

This pattern was the catalyst in the design and layout of numerous elements inside the building, which include, but is not limited to lighting fixtures shapes and locations, bar counters design, tile patterns, soffit pattern design, wine cellar glazed ceiling structure, and more.