Oklahoma, Residence

Mid Century modern residence with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms on 2,860 square feet of open space.


The residence was designed making use of a light gauge steel frame that is prefabricated through a technologically advanced 3D printing system. The house structure is built in a facility in 8 feet wide sections and installed on site at a speed that is impossible to match with traditional construction systems.


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The entry of the residence is characterized by a garden walkway that leads to an open courtyard with a central water feature that functions as a focal point.

The courtyard is glazed on 3 sides and the house program wraps around it, making it not just a great source for natural light, but also a main feature that helps to provide nature and openness on both sides of the house.

Kitchen, family room and living room are all aligned on a large space. A stone finished open fireplace separates the family room from the living room , while an open bookshelf  separates hall to the master bedroom and gives a glimpse of the art wall.

Over the garage there is a roof deck that is planned for entertainment and dining, while the back has a large pool that is adjacent to a large wood deck that is accessible from all the living space and the master bedroom.