Latigo Canyon Residence

Malibu, California

Contemporary modern residence located in Malibu, California. The main house has 4,000 square feet and has a 3 gar garage, while the guest house is composed of 2 units of 400 square feet square feet each that could be used separately for guests and or vacation rentals.

The main house parti is very simple, in fact the building is divided I half by a zig zagging water feature that initially functions as a reflecting pool while accessing the main entry at its first turn, to then become an attractive  feature beneath a glass bridge that is used as a dramatic circulation element to connect the two wings of the residence; furthermore the water feature, after meeting a pass through waterfall, makes its second turn to became a pool with a jacuzzi at its end, right in front of the master bedroom.

At the northwestern side of the pool we have the living space and kitchen plus a large master bathroom with a double walk in closet. The master bathroom is at the corner with tub located right by a open corner window. The shower is also open and the sink cantilevers over a gravel pond while the mirrors hang from the ceiling to open up to the views even when using the sinks.  

Om the south wing we have two bedrooms, an office and a yoga/fitness room that opens to a large deck for outdoor meditation or exercising.

The exteriors are treated with white semi-textured stucco and wood soffits overhangs to provide a fresh and warm feel of modern Mediterranean architecture that wants to feel timeless and fresh to adapt to any interior design attitude.

The use of few textured walls with concrete finish are to highlight spaces subdivisions and the main character of the clean and flowy floor plan.