Beverly Hills, CA - Residence

Mansion with a basement of 22,000 square feet and 17,500 square feet of building above ground for a total of almost 40,000 square feet of living space.


The residence was designed by maximizing the views and natural lighting while always keeping in mind the fundamental principles of sun exposure, heat gain, and natural ventilation. Even the residences of the ultra-rich get negatively affected by the increase of utility costs, therefore heating/cooling efficiency are paramount and the use of natural resources such as geothermal are part of this design.   


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We enter the residence through a rectilinear pathway separated by a dramatic sculptural wall and stepping stones over a reflecting pool. When arrived at the end of the pathway, a glass bridge connects the outdoor to the entry door to open to the indoor outdoor pool located into the basement. At the right is located the private office and library, separated by a grass area where  a car can be parked and displayed.


After entering the building, he corridor-foyer opens to a double story high sitting area that opens to a long grass outdoor pathway to frame, at the horizon the hills located north of the Getty center. To the left there is the main functional and aesthetic feature of the house, which is a three stories garden/light well that is open to the sky. This feature, centrally located, allows natural light to enter the large basement and to integrate outdoor experiences and climatic events throughout the house.


At the west side of the garden we have the formal dining with views both on north and south , then a bar that opens to the large living room that is glazed on 3 sides to benefit from the views and northern lateral lighting while the southern fa├žade is equipped with an overhang to reduce heat gain from direct sunlight while clerestory windows above bring the sunshine in through a light shelf.


The living room opens up to a large covered patio that leads to a belvedere deck that is cantilevered over the canyon for a suggestive experience of nature during the sunsets.

At the south side of garden we have the kitchen and the indoor-outdoor sitting area to enjoy views and the sun through wooden trellises and be also closer to the water of the large pool which is embraced by two wings of the building.

The large family room at the end of the south wing also opens up on three sides while  the fourth has a bar that opens up to the indoor outdoor sitting area and can accessed from both sides.

The large kitchen opens to the east side of the residence where a large lawn is located while the breakfast area is also located on that side and bound on both sides by glazed walls with adjacent landscape to give the feel of sitting outdoor.

The staircase is also visible from the kitchen and the wood slats railing gives it an organic feel to hold together the indoors to the nature outside.


Going up the stairs we experience the portion of the garden that is open to the sky and separates the bedrooms from the master suite. When we enter the master suite, we have a gallery to display art on one side while the large opening to the sky and the garden to the left interfaces with the north views and let natural lighting in throughout the day without heat gain. The gallery leads to a sitting area with a library that functions as foyer to the master suite.

The master suite, finally, is located above the living room and therefore also has the benefit of glazed surfaces on 3 sides while on the west wall we have a see through fireplace to frame the view of the hill through a large outdoor covered balcony with a large opening to the sky.


The south wing has 6 bedrooms and a sitting area with a gallery located at the center, with views of the residential hills on the east side.


Moving to the basement that is accessible through a staircase and an elevator, we have a large living room adjacent to the garden that separates functions such as living, theatre, dining/wine cellar and bar from the pool, while the spa is located right between the two zones. Adjacent to the spa there is a game room with bowling alley.

The indoor-outdoor pool is both covered and open to the sky while connected to nature through the adjacent garden.