Healing Spirit Veterinary Clinic - Eureka, CA

Immersed in a beautiful garden, the new state of the art Healing Spirit Veterinary Clinic is 12,600 square feet building organized on a nautilus shaped floor plan.

The nautilus is also the shape of the facility's logo, and it represents the magical precision identified in nature also through the Fibonacci sequence, ultimately identified by the shape itself.

The goal in the design is to read this magical shape throughout the entire floor plan and feel the presence of the nautilus while transitioning through spaces. More details about the design process and the design language adopted can be found in the blog.  

Natural forces and programmatic functionality created the exterior design where the facade adopts different strategies to allow sun exposure and natural lighting without compromising the views of the gardens.

At the top of the building the roof garden reinforces the nautilus shape through walls that separate the different tiers of the landscaped areas while the spiraling shape can be recognized from distance.