Brentwood , CA - Vineyard Residence

5,200 square feet residence designed making use of industrial red iron prefabricated structure. The metal frame technology, typical for large warehouse design, is engineered by a software that is solely used for either A frame structures or single slope, therefore the design had to be created assembling simple blocks to deliver a more sophisticated product.

A reverse roof was chosen as the main design strategy to shift from a traditional looking building to something that has the appearance of a custom product. The strength of the steel structure and the ability to achieve large spans was taken advantage of to deliver open a very large space and a dramatic double height ceiling.

A hanger roll-up window was placed at the middle of the back side of the building to enhance the double height space feet and open the view to the sky and let the outdoors in.

The skin of the building adopted is an insulated metal panel that is also a product which is mainly used in warehouse building construction. Insulated metal panels (IMPs) provide superior insulation and ease of assembly in large buildings, furthermore they have a finished surface both at the exterior and interior surface. In this case, the owners decided to have the steel structure completely exposed and make use of the interior metal finish as the main character of their house interiors.  

If you desire to have a building designed making use of prefabricated red iron or light gauge technology, we are specialized in this field have access to manufacturers across the nation that employ systems such as Framecad to deliver entire buildings structure in a flat pack that can be assembled at a 1,500 square feet per day by a 5 men crew.

We also design modular construction residences through our sister company Boltree, where the focus is solely in accomplishing high end design at costs that compete with traditional wood construction but deliver a much higher quality product.