• Architectural and urban design solutions related to the proposal of Trieste-Italy old port known as "Porto Vecchio".

    The contribution of Architecture is essential: the design of new shapes customized to the needs of a great international fair is an important factor for the upgrading of a very central area that has great historical, morphological and environmental importance.

  • Design concept and site conditions meet practicality and creative use of technology. Light gauge steel construction with custom painted insuated metal panels deliver a building that marries with surroundings and nature.

  • Nature, landscaped areas, trees, green walls, natural ventilation, and natural lighting are the main design key elements, interlaced with economy of scale, simple construction systems, and sustainable principles to create a structure breathing honesty in style and timeless aesthetics.

  • DIVA is a fully functional kitchen, and is approximately the size of a double door closet; it contains standard appliances and small appliances to reduce overall costs, improve affordability and facilitate maintenance issues.

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